Saturday, February 21, 2009


im owes keep in my mind 2 study hard2 n dun play2 coz im wanna achieve ma dream 2 b a succssful psychologist... why?? coz i've passion 2 help n be wif those who faces dfficulties n problems in their life... i lik when ppl tell me their problemss coz fr dat i know that they'r blieve in me 2 keep their secret... n rcently when ifan keep sharing his 'problems' wif m...!!yuhuuu!!! i know he blive me n love me oso...")
no one or not mny ppl lik 2 b psychologist or i mean in d other hand..yesss mny studnts invlved studyin' in psych but wat kind of psych areas they wanna b??? of course they may choose lecturer as their profession n lets think actually hw mny of them work at d hosp bahagia and d such..or take a respnsibility 2 b truly psych doc??? aren't they wanna b wif mentally-problems or retarded or 'org gila'??? mmm..not mny kan...when i buy n read "buku kecelaruan minda", nw im undrstnd that we cn't easily judge sumone wit mental-problem as 'org gila'...n keep in mind they'r not "gila" 4ver..!! they cn b cured!!!! they actually lost their consideration or ability 2 tin as a normal ppl... as a hman being, we should give a helpin' hand n pray 4 their hppiness...myb we can bring them 2 d special place in which they cn get an appropriate treatmt... plezz3!! change our bhaviour... dun insult them n dun throw things 2 them if they'r be seen in d "kaki2 jln"... kalu pn x suka jgn kacau dorang coz they'r also hav feeling jus lik us...

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