Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nEw hijri 1430h...nEw yEar 09..nEw sEm 5

30 dis 08,tues.....

new year is on d way")...

whenever we are juz b our true colour..b ourself
life in dis world is a journey in which it is in our hand
2 chus
2 follow the right path or not..
and HEREAFTER is our destination..

but sumtime how gud or best we wnna b,,
of cos we will face difficulties..
it simply called..L.I.F.E
we need weapon.. strong iman is Muslim's weapon...
strong iman wil lead us 2 d peak of sccessful Muslim's
life in dis world n hreaftr...

Monday, September 15, 2008

New motto..

"WORLD in our hand, HEREAFTER in our heart"..
::my encourageable motto::

2day ive got ma mid-term rsult..
pre-skul arabic sbject_ 18/20...

i'm not very stisfied cos i work harder to
get d full mark..

but ma mum still congrate me..huhu
very hepi 2 get d highest mrk in MS,Alhamdulillah...

MS is d sbject dat ma mom dun lik sooO much..hee3
len2 sbject dun get yet..just go back 2 ostel n nuthin much 2 do here..
everydy go to cc,, bwk lptop check mail check fs search info 4 assgmt..
hmm a student's life..

huuu..da abes assgmt leh g shopping ngan hajar..
~naj in love~kah3

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guey rily tired..!

i'v got 2 paper 2dy...rily tired...but Alhamdulillah i cn do it very well..
mmm.. i think so..hehe")
InsyaAllah pas ni i'm wanna go to bazaar rmdn at Danau Kota

planning dr kmarin agi...
mak,, u dun get jealous yaa...u all berbuka pa la yer...wee")

First day fasting...

mak dun call me("o") ...sob3
ifan slaloo msg n abah call miss me mybe..
g bzr kat greenwood wif zue, farah, liza..

first dy break ma fast kat tepi jln coz rapid lmbt sgt..hahaax

Friday, August 29, 2008

Yea2!! jUSt Set Up ma Own bLOg!! weee")

2dy,, august 29...
i'v got 3 dys more to revise once again b4 i sit 4 da xm..huuhuu..ma mom owes ask me to create ma own blog....hpfully pas ni she'l ssatisfied wif ma 'hrd work'

mak,,pray 4 me!!! rily excited to go back to umah!!")
aiyakkk ...x solat asr g..


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