Monday, September 15, 2008

New motto..

"WORLD in our hand, HEREAFTER in our heart"..
::my encourageable motto::

2day ive got ma mid-term rsult..
pre-skul arabic sbject_ 18/20...

i'm not very stisfied cos i work harder to
get d full mark..

but ma mum still congrate me..huhu
very hepi 2 get d highest mrk in MS,Alhamdulillah...

MS is d sbject dat ma mom dun lik sooO much..hee3
len2 sbject dun get yet..just go back 2 ostel n nuthin much 2 do here..
everydy go to cc,, bwk lptop check mail check fs search info 4 assgmt..
hmm a student's life..

huuu..da abes assgmt leh g shopping ngan hajar..
~naj in love~kah3

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