AsSalam.. hi there! hi peeps! hi friends! 
Welcome to my page, my day, my life, my diary.. 
29th August 2008, it marks the official date and launching 
of my blog.. the day when i started my very first entry (>_<)
To be honest.. it is more an impulsive decision n the need to express more of my thoughts n my kemerapuan that rily drive me to put a lil' bit of effort for this...a diary to be remembered...
Obviously, i am a late starter in dis world of bloggin but as the saying goes... "beta late than neva" :) kannn..
Maybe...wateva we share n think about now, we might see the results or benefit in the later generations (maybe my son/doter,grandson,granddoter may read this hahaha i wish so).. wateva the wisdom n knowledge we shared here, may one day change one's life for the better n only Allah knows how to pay u wif that..  Hence, from now on, i will try ma best to post something here! hehehe.. Hupfully x poyo je nih... (^_*) najwa


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