Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blink blink 21")

Just loved being ***sweety 20***.....
But now its no more!!***am I ready being more n more
( ohhh well , gotta grow up sumtime right )
Especially now dat I'm alridy dip holder...ouchh:D
Gotta think
***maturely*** n make **mature decisionsss**...
Ma mum know me very well***huhu i dunno wat mature dcision is**uhuk3
( not dat i've been childish all dis while... )
Huhuhaa can I??
***six months 2 go till ma
***precious 21 bufday***

p/s:::: dis entry sooo spesel, named blink blink its full dgn blink blink")

D for....

Alhamdulillh... lastly, i got wat i want...
i had a very happy moment for over 2 months when ma mum dcide 2 send me 2 KV... heee")
d t'chers there taught n helpd me lots n make me laugh enuff....ahahahaha
from d first step i'd took d comp.exam till
d las one, test with 'abg jpj'....
evrything gone smooooothly...
cikgu zakir aka cikgu cat miaw2 n ckigu ghani we'crazily funny n sOoO pot pek... rily had a vry gooood time wif both of them.... hopefllly...we'l meet againnn..... tenkiu sOoO much 2 all my teachers who gave me advises, encouragement n inspiration...lov u all")

_-_-_ cikgu cat,cikgu ghani.cikgu shukri,cikgu encem n cikgu yg bagi ceramah(lupew nmanyew)...
_-_-_d for car licence...kui3

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


1- hepi go lucky
2- love 2 smileeeee
3- sgt x kesah
4- love his gadgets sOoO much
5- sbr dgn kerenah insan ksyngannyew
6- love books
7- king control...i hate dis!
8- x friendly...hate dis!
9- hardly evr get mad-once he shows his anger its lik tsunami
10- easily say sorry
11- hate animals(pet) but i love pets soO much!huhu
12- everydy say lebiyuu(^_^)
13- love travelling
14- ckp byk
15- lik black! waaa evil..
16- x taw malu...i hate dis!
17- love 2 sing me lullaby song
18- not rily well-mannered
19- sukew beno bali ais
20- wk up early everydy 5-6am
21- bukan insan pertama ku cinta
22- bukan insan pertama dia cinta
23- pndai amek ati owg tua
24- sukew kwn ngn owg tua
25- owes listen 2 me
26- self reliant/independent
27- not embrassd cll me *** in front of anyone
28- active in cllege utm
29- love bihun sup n seafood
30- owes say "call u back" whenever i call u while u r working

U r simply d best!!!
Tanx 4 being so nice 2 me...
Tanx Allah...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Penang check-up

Ari ni ma mum has an appointment wif Dr.Koh, pediatric specialist dr. fr penang hosp at 10 am...everything goes mum is in a gud cndition n tanx God d doc was rily nice..n encem too..uiyooo haha

Abes check-up...terus cri makan we r sOoOo hungry n i dun even take ma brekfas yet..oouch! Around 1pm...we found d restoran nasi kandar near 2 komtar at Penang Road myb i guess..

Makan dgn sopannyew...nasi kandar kt situ taste gud n ma diet rini kira burn sudaaa...huhu 4got 2 bring cmera 2gether so i cnt upload d pix...

But then im still have a nice dy 2day")


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