Friday, April 27, 2012

Be kind. Be good. Love always.

Our conversation:

"Macam mana kalau nak nasihat org eyh?
Kene kawan dgn dia dulu. Then, sikit2 kita tarik dia utk jadi baik"
Hye assalamualaikum...

Being somone's friend is a treasureeeee... Yet, it is actually a huge responsible too!
A friend can either affect u in a good way or da bad one... well, depends on who's ur friend. Especially between close friends... as u spend hours together n somehow one or the other will be affected by da other's way of getting things done, life perspective n macam-macam lg... And personally i know i was affected by "S" positiveness in looking at life's hurdles. 

But how did others get affected with me, as being their friend?? Ya Allah, this thought is scary... I'm afraid if i'm just bring negative impacts on their mind or character.... Owh am i think too much?? What if someone follow me in not praying on time? What if? Huhu..

Yes, u have to keep improving urself to get blessed by Him... I'm not perfect, i'm always and keep learning being a good Muslimah... I need positive influences from da person who is much more better than me. 

Living within da society, this matter really need to be put into our consideration... Within a certain circle of people, ur actions will affect others too... So, keep on improving urself so as only da good things get affected on other people... :)
"Kau selalu lepak dgn Najwa, mesti ada benda yg ko terikut dgn dia kn". 
         "S" stop n think.
"Emm. Ada gak la....."

I have no idea what "S" has in mind... But hupfully it's a good one.

Note to self and friends: I made mistakes too, and now i'm trying to make up for all da wrongs i've done.. help me Ya Allah.... :)

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