Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Phase :)

Life has been hectic now... 
I'm entering a new phase in ma life
and currently adjusting to it :)
I know I can do it... yeah of cos I can do it!
Just do it!! InsyaAllah :)
No more sleeping in... no more TV... 
no more novels... no more 'ayam'...heh!
and.... no more lazing around! 
That was definitely da good life, 
da very good one..hoho

Thanks Allah :)
My decision tonite will lead me to ma real future life would be..
I'm slowly starting to get an idea of what exactly
i want in ma life, what suits me and what doesn't. 
Life is absolutely da process of trials and errors...ya?
U'll never know unless u try by urself and 
u'll never learn unless u make mistakes.. 
It's da journey.... It's da path of success.

So far, i'm doing fine, Alhamdulillah :) 
Thanks mak, thanks cik kiah for giving me
answers to ma question :)  I'm really wanna
make it happen!! Ya, i just love it and 
for sure i can do it better InsyaAllah :)

For now, this is da right place for me :)
I love this place sangat-sangat..
But i don't plan to stay here for long,
especially now that i'm starting to plan the
course of my life moreeee clearly :D
I still have a lot to learn, so i'll take ma time :)



1 comment:

S..U..D..@..I..S said...

semoga cita2 murni tercapai, usaha lebih gigih serta iringi doa....


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