Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friendship last 4ever...

Td buka mail and Haj has sent me a rily lovely poem yg touchinggggg bangat dowh....huhuu

to my always beloved best friend,
A best friend is always there,
whether you need advice,
or a pep talk,
or even a shoulder to cry on.
A best friend listens with her heart,
and is always honest with you,
even though the truth may not be
what you want to hear.
A best friend knows all your secrets,
understands your fear
and shares your dreams.
A best friend never stops
believing in you
even if you give upon yourself.
You are that kind of friend to me.
And no matter what happens,
you always will be.
You are my best friend
my forever best friend...
thanks for always being there for me,
for always listen to me,
for always accept me as who i am,
and for everything...
Thanx sooo much ma dear Ct Hajar..
Da time we spent
2together was wonderful..
Friend 4ever..

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